Political Call Center Trained to Hang Up on Ron Paul Supporters

One morning I had called up a Political Call Center job I had found on Craigslist. The add and the lady with the Interview, had buttered the job to be a soliciting call for the Republican Party mainly concerning about issues such as Abortion, Gun Rights, and other various “Republican” agendas.

On the day of the Interview, I could not help but fantasize in the world that I would like to live in, the notion that I had found a job that might be helping Ron Paul. Of course with this thought in mind I had to investigate whether it really did or not. Ron Paul is registered Republican and even though I can’t vote I still want to support the Revolution by supporting Dr. Paul in which ever way I can.

The first thing I found to be sketchy was the fact that only Romney and Obama are given as options in the script. I did not have a smart phone or a camera with me unfortunately. So basically it is asking if you are Republican or Democrat, but the call center itself is not supposed to be supporting any one specific campaign. So how is it that it will support Ron Paul or the “Republican Party” if you are trained to hang up unless the caller says they are for Mitt Romney or Republican.



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